I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak
Published by Alfred A. Knopf Borzoi Books on May 9th, 2006
Genres: MysteryContemporaryYoung Adult
Pages: 360
Format read: Physical copy & audiobook


protect the diamonds
survive the clubs
dig deep through the spades
feel the hearts

Ed Kennedy is an underage cabdriver without much of a future. He’s pathetic at playing cards, hopelessly in love with his best friend, Audrey, and utterly devoted to his coffee-drinking dog, the Doorman.

I really really enjoyed I Am The Messenger a lot. It wasn’t an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime kind of book for me and there were a few problematic elements, but it was still very good.

This book is SO unique. I’ve never read anything like it and I doubt I ever will. Zusak has a way of writing that immerses you in the story and is so out there but so amazing and unique at the same time that it’s hard not to love anything he writes. It technically is YA and Contemporary and Mystery, but at the same time it feels set apart from all of those categories because of how different it is.

I would definitely recommend this book, if only for the unique-ness factor!


  • The plot is SO interesting and SO unique and just really enjoyable to read. There’s a mystery aspect but it’s not so ~*~mysterious~*~ that you get annoyed with it 1/3 of the way into the book.
  • The characters I simultaneously liked and disliked, so this could go in both the good and the bad categories. They were interesting to read about and acted like normal teenagers. Ed still maintains his teenager normalcy even when thrust into this weird situation, he doesn’t become all-knowing or the chosen one or anything, which I appreciated.
  • All the characters introduced throughout the book were so lovely. I don’t want to say much about them because SPOILERS but I really loved them.
  • It was really fun having this book take place in Australia because it’s not a place I know much about, and the audiobook narrator had an Australian accent which was FANTASTIC.
  • The playing card aspect was really cool and I liked how it tied into the chapter numbers and everything. It was just so great and well done.


  • The characters (again) were good and bad. The bad side of it was that they were just so flat. Ed did go through some character development (which is necessary since he’s the main character) but I just didn’t care that much about anyone else or any of the other “main” characters, even though at the end you were kind of meant to.
  • Ed has a lot of very problematic thoughts and actions toward women, countered by not-so-problematic things some of the time. Those things need to be recognized, but not everyone is perfect, and it’s a lot more like real life to have someone that isn’t perfect all the time. #relatable
  • The ending was a little weird and abrupt, but it did make me very emotional.
  • Some things didn’t make sense in the story but I think that’s kind of how it was supposed to be? But it still didn’t make sense.


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